Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"So, Live At The Fillmore East Is A Figure Of Speech, RIght?..."

First, a little straight shooting.

Far be it for me to make fun of anybody regarding their marital status and/or history.

So, I won't be offering any editorials, one way or the other, as regards the upcoming nuptials of the sexagenarian Mr. Allman and his vicenarian bethrothed.

That said, though, I watched both an interview on CBS News and the following CNN interview with Gregg and have one arguably trenchant observation to make.

Right after you take a look at this.

The CBS interview had much the same look, feel and/or tempo.

Ergo, the previously promised observation.

Regardless of their respective ages, the pending Mrs. Allman isn't going to have to worry much about exhausting herself in conversation with the Mr.

And he obviously gets plenty of sleep.

Apparently, not just a little of it while he's wide awake.

Forget what it takes to be 64 and marry a 24 year old.

That's nothing compared to what it takes to come off as less interesting than Piers Morgan.

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