Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"...Dear God, Please Deliver Us From Any Possible Kardashian Cameo....Amen..."

Adam Shankman directed the John Travolta/Nikki Blonsky film version of the musical play, "Hairspray".

I sincerely thought it was wonderfully done, in fact, it is still liable to appear in my DVD player from time to time when I need a little audio/visual good mood food.

Adam Shankman is also the director of the forthcoming Tom Cruise film version of the musical play, "Rock Of Ages".

Here's the trailer.

Two thoughts.

First, I hope that "Rock Of Ages" is intended to be a very funny "This Is Spinal Tap"-esque send up of rock and roll movies.

Second, judging from this trailer, the only word that keeps coming to mind is "hilarious".

I have a feeling I'm absolutely wrong about the first thought.

And a pretty bad feeling that I'm absolutely right about the second.

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