Friday, April 27, 2012

"...One Is Tempted To Snap Their Fingers, Tap Their Toes...and Scratch Their Heads..."

Curious thing, fame.

In a culture that bestows celebrity, and its accompanying perks, on featherweights (translate: Kardashians)with no discernable ability beyond having celebrity bestowed upon them, legitimate, obvious, even blatant, talent often, too often, gets overlooked like a pristine, original issue "butcher's cover" version of The Beatles "Yesterday and Today" LP lying, hidden in plain sight, in the bargain record bin of any respectable flea market.

Curious thing.

Unless you're a Nashville music industry insider, in one incarnation or another, or you are a very devoted country music fan, the kind of country music fan who doesn't even break a sweat explaining to outworlders what "Fan Fair" is (was), I'm ready to bet my massively meager stock portfolio that you've never heard of Rebecca Lynn Howard.

And without taking anything away from the Carrie Underwoods and Kelly Clarksons and, even, Taylor Swifts who have floated and/or risen to the top of the talent pool and/or pop charts, I think it's fair to say wonder why more people don't know Rebecca Lynn Howard.

She's been around awhile. She's been making music for awhile.

And she is, even to those whose palates have been dulled by the constant ingestion of various and sundry flavors of the month, clearly a world class talent.

But Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and assorted other Klown Sisters just signed a forty million dollar deal.

And you've never heard, until now, of Rebecca Lynn Howard.

Curious thing.

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