Sunday, August 26, 2012

"...Even In A Noisy Room, You Can Hear Them Perfectly..."

On the seminal, but long forgotten, Badfinger album, "Straight Up", Pete Ham sings...

"There is no real perfection/
There'll be no perfect day/
Just love is our connection/
The truth in what we say.."

Peace, love and groovy connection notwithstanding, I think a little "au contrare'/ mon frere' " is in order when it comes to the first line, there, Hamster...

Because when it comes to perfection...

A few years ago, producer/performer Don Was remarked that he thought the Mike Reid/Allen Shamblin song "I Can't Make You Love Me", as done by Bonnie Raitt was, in Was' words, "the perfect pop song."

Personally, I think Was was right.

With one proviso.

I'd offer that it was "a", as opposed to "the", perfect pop song.

Because if you're talking a poignant and powerful, even devastating, and, yet, simple expression of a raw and primal emotion like human heartbreak, "I Can't Make You Love Me" is dead center.

Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin nailed it.

Bonnie Raitt gave it exquisite life.

But, for my jukebox money, Del Shannon nailed it thirty years earlier.

And Peter and Gordon gave it exquisite life.

Three writers, three singers, three decades apart, all doing what they did...


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