Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"...Familiarity Used To Breed Contempt....Now It Just Makes It Easy For Radio To PIck This Week's Adds..."

Old show business joke.

The four phases of a career.

Who's Taylor Swift?

Get me Taylor Swift.

Find me a young Taylor Swift.

Who's Taylor Swift?

The inevitable all knowing chuckle aside, there's a subtext to be found at the end of that circle of logic.

A feeling, admittedly found, to some extent, in all walks of show biz but most assuredly in popular music, that, more and more often, the name of the game is bring me more of the same.

Let's not kid ourselves.

There's a reason they call it the music business.

And any successful business is, ultimately, built on a foundation of profit and not posturing.

So it makes reasonable business sense to accept that if at first you succeed, do it again and again and again.

Here's a thing, though.

Art, in this case defined as music, is about envelope pushing and original vision.

Say what you will about Gaga, for example.

There's only one.

And it's unlikely that anyone would hear Gaga's work and mistake her for anyone else.

Yes, her music has now and then splashes of days gone by and, let's not kid ourselves, more than just an occasional downright homage to early 80's Madonna, but, again, you hear Gaga, you hear Gaga.

Seldom do you need to wait for the jock to back ID the song or go jumping on the Google to try and track down the name of the singer you just enjoyed.

Or endured.

Different strokes and all that.

Meanwhile, in country music....

Cranking out new versions of the tried and true is nothing new in Music City. It's been going on for decades.

Anybody remember SheDaisy?

Who seemed to literally appear right out of the dust cloud kicked up by the mega success of The Dixie Chicks?


I came across a piece hyping a new Curb Records singer by the name of Rachel Holder.

Here's a link to the piece that includes a sound clip of her first single.


Loth as I am to diss anybody's dream, here's what I heard when I listened to the track.

A little Faith Hill.

A soupcon of Carrie Underwood.

And a whole lotta Shania Twain.

And a song idea that has been written about twenty five times that I'm aware of, not counting the couple of times either I or some of my co-writers and me have taken a shot at it.

All in all, very professional, very pleasant...

And I would like to say I enjoyed it but the truth is I was pretty much tired of it before I finished listening.

Because I've heard it all before.

And before.

And before.

Evidence to the contrary, I really do wish Rachel Holder sincere good luck in her quest to find fame and fortune.

But I'm not likely to invest any personal funds in that quest be it via record store or download.

Not because she's not a good looking girl with a good voice.

Mostly because I'm not asking someone to "find me a young Shania Twain."

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