Monday, November 7, 2011

"...Treasure in the Key of M.D......"

Never been much for shopping.

It has to do, I think, with my primary hard wiring.

Or, more accurately, my male DNA.

Because I've said for years, on air, and off, that guys aren't predisposed to what seems like wasted hours of wandering around looking for things that we may or may not buy.

Put simply, women shop.

Men go get.

That said, I do have an understanding of one facet of the shopping dynamic.

Those moments when you unexpectedly discover, amongst the various and sundry same old same old stacked, spread or strewn throughout the display table, a genuine find.

As with pretty much everything else, I don't, owing to my gender, shop for music, either.

I usually know what I want and just go get it.

But, missing mall wandering genes notwithstanding, I know a find when I see one.

Or hear one.

Suzie Brown is a find.

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