Saturday, October 10, 2009

His Genius, You See, Is That "Former Monkee" Is a Description, Not A Definition..."

The term "not fully unappreciated in his/her lifetime" is pretty cliche.

But, as my sister the human behavior expert tells me, the reason that certain expressions are considered cliche' is that they are heard repeatedly, which implies that there is, at least, a kernal of truth in them.


Nick At Nite and those Time Life commercials will likely continue to do a pretty steady job of typing Michael Nesmith as the tall guy wearing the wool hat in The Monkees.

Cost of doing business.

And not to put words in his mouth, but I suspect that Michael is savvy enough a businessman to agree.

That said, in time, it will be clear to folks that Michael Nesmith was, in some measure, not fully appreciated in his lifetime.

They'll get it eventually.

Cause, after all, like the man sings...we know some day mankind will travel to the stars.

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